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The Best Burgers in  Norman, Oklahoma

2205 West Main - Norman, Oklahoma

405 - 360-3287


                       Open: Mon - Fri  10:30 AM - 8:00 PM  -   Sat  10:30 AM - 2:00 PM







   Norman's Original Frozen Custard!!!!!




Home Made Burgers - Since 1994


No Added Trans Fats


Come in and enjoy our friendly family atmosphere.

The Red Horse Grill has been serving quality food since 1994. Our food is fried in 100% canola oil with no added trans fats or cholesterol, and there is no added seasonings or preservatives. We also serve many products that are made in Oklahoma. This helps make our food as fresh as possible. And whether you choose dine-in or carry-out, we invite you to finish your sandwiches at our fixin’s bar.




The Red Horse Grill Story...................................


The Red Horse Grill was founded in 1994 by it's current owners, Andrew and Jane Kabara.

Jane has been serving food in Norman for over thirty years, Andrew brought about twenty more years of experience to their current venture. They have been a part of the Norman community for a long time and take pride in serving good quality food, well cooked and piping hot! Jane and Andrew want their restaurant to be a friendly and comfortable place with good food. Young and old will find their food pleasing and good to eat with special attention paid to each order, cooked to order. Andrew says, "It's not "fast food" because each order is specially cooked for each customer; but we do try to give quick service and help busy people get on their way"!













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